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We’re coming upon a holiday where we as a people gather together and reflect on gratitude. We may contemplate the hundreds of Thanksgivings our people had before us. Or, perhaps, we ruminate over the gatherings in the most recent decade. A particular dish. A special person. A family tradition. We also remember our Native American brothers and sisters who sacrificed and suffered greatly in this region we love so much. We say prayers for our brave soldiers overseas and pay homage to our veterans. And, for just about all of us, we acknowledge an empty chair, a presence no longer tangible, a life lived, a life loved. Still others take this time to become introspective and analyze thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.

Our own Appalachia Bare family would like to take this time to say

Thank You

Thank you to all our submitters and subscribers. Thank you to our readers. Thank you for your comments, your “likes,” your support, your interest. Thank you for your patience and for sharing Appalachia Bare with others. Thank you to those who peruse the site and bookmark it for future reading. You all mean so much to us–in these mountains, of these mountains, with these mountains. You spur us forward in this endeavor to offer great content from and/or about Appalachia.

The following are those who submitted content in 2023—from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving. We are so grateful that you chose Appalachia Bare as a venue to showcase your talents.




✍🏼Nonfiction/ Creative Nonfiction




🎹Music/ Music Related



  • Toni Dengel — 1st Place, Capturing Appalachia Photography Contest
  • Misty Phillips — 2nd Place, Capturing Appalachia Photography Contest
  • Katie Harr — Honorable Mention, Capturing Appalachia Photography Contest
  • Trent Eades — Photography contest judge
  • Jim Clark — Photography contest judge






🚘Places & Events


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Appalachia Bare will return Tuesday, November 28 with special content.

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  1. Thank You! Thank you for the insightful, inspiring articles and the accompanying photographs, not to mention the extensive historical footnotes. Thank you for the beautiful photography of Appalachia. Thank you for sharing your personal stories with affection, humor, and honesty. Appalachiabare is truly revealing Appalachia story by story. It is obviously a place that you love. Thank you for sharing these stories with us.

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