Delonda Anderson
Chief Editor

Delonda Anderson is a native of Campbell County, Tennessee, where her family has deep roots dating back centuries. She hails a degree in English literature and is a former editor of Imaginary Gardens Literary Magazine. She is a published poet and was awarded a Tennessee Mountain Writers Patricia Boatner Fiction prize for her coal camp story, “Weep the Wild Cares.” She is currently a writer, poet, freelance editor, blogger, and writing consultant. She likes watching crappy B-movies, relishes the daily mystical experiences of her native Appalachia, is devoted to her family, and loves spending time with her son, her husband, and her two little dogs.


Edward Francisco
Associate Editor

Edward Francisco lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He remains Professor of English and Writer in Residence at Pellissippi State Community College. His poetry, short stories, and essays have appeared in over seventy-five publications. His most recent play, Which Side Are You On:  The Florence Reece Story was very well received. He has authored ten books, including The Dealmaker (WP Books), The Literary Relationships of Robert Coles and Walker Percy (Edwin Mellen Press) and The South in Perspective: An Anthology of Southern Literature (Prentice Hall publishers). His books of poetry include, Death, Child, and Love (Walker Publishers), Alchemy of Words (Birch Book Press), and Only the Word Gives us Being (Birch Book Press).



Tom Anderson
Admin Virtuoso

Tom Anderson has a history degree, with minors in Medieval Studies, Religious Studies, and Music; and has been active in theater for much of his life. He spent his early childhood in the Central Appalachian region of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He and his family moved to Kansas where he finished high school. He came to Southern Appalachia’s Tennessee to attend Maryville College and has lived here over 31 years. He is currently employed as a buyer in Facilities Services at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is a proud union member who spends his free time supporting humanitarianism and social justice.



Grant Mincy
Science & Environmental Scholar

Grant A. Mincy is an assistant professor of biology and (sometimes) geology at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee where he organizes the Panther Hiking Club. He also sits on the Earth and Planetary Sciences Advisory Council for the University of Tennessee. Mincy co-authored Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, a college level natural science textbook. He has also published numerous essays at his blog ( and popular publications such as Appalachia Bare, The Ecologist, Truthout, Resilience, and more. In his free time, you’ll catch him either reading comic books or wandering around the Appalachian mountains with his wife and young son. Feel free to contact Grant ( or follow him on Twitter (@gmincy).


 ** Featured Image by Devanth on Pixabay