Have you ever wondered what ads an ancestor might have seen while reading the morning paper? Love them or hate them, advertisements are important windows into society. Ads tell us about particular time periods and what kind of dreams manufacturers or companies wanted to sell or perpetuate. Just like inContinue Reading

Tomorrow is the birthday of revered Appalachian poet and novelist Byron Herbert Reece (1917-1958). Join Appalachia Bare in celebrating his life and talent through a heartfelt tribute by acclaimed writer, Mark Wallace Maguire.   I go by ways of rust and flame Beneath the bent and lonely sky; Behind meContinue Reading

You have a story to tell. We all do. Ours is an oral history – told by great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, etc. Consider for a moment how many of our people’s stories will never be known because they were never written or captured in time. Instead, they areContinue Reading

With trepidation; I approached my childhood Appalachian home, a shack really, high above the railroad tracks.  The sole remaining object was the toilet, standing forlorn among the broken shards of rotten wood. A toilet, ironically, that we were never allowed to use, when there was a perfectly good leaf availableContinue Reading

On occasion, Appalachia Bare likes to spotlight some of our best submissions. “Copperhead Holler” was written by Bridgette Johnson, the talented Honorable Mention author of our 2020 George Washington Harris Short Story Contest. We are proud to present this submission for your enjoyment.     Bridgette Johnson holds a Bachelor’s ofContinue Reading

We trundled down the thin gravelly road, Dad and I, in the rickety old pickup truck, green enough to blend with the forest, especially after one of those morning drizzles in late summer that just makes the trees look . . . alive, more alive than usual. The dew-glazed hemlockContinue Reading

Similar to many small towns, Lake City, Tennessee,1) (The town has changed names several times since its founding circa 1800. For a little Wiki-info, click here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Top,_Tennessee ) residents often brag about interesting animal stories from the town’s annals. The one that stands out to me is the 1931 confrontationContinue Reading

I. VALOURY DELIA Va’delia, a polio, grew up at village edge, wearing heavy steel leg braces with sweat-stained leather bands that pulled stocking runs up her legs, and walked with aluminum elbow crutches from which any shine had long worn away. In our wood-floored school, sweet with banana oil, weContinue Reading

little Sue from the North thinks   crickets is the night munching on itself and that loud bang wasn’t a gun but a single firework lighting up that skinny river where no alligator lives, nope and no snakes that somehow swim. those alien electronic screams aren’t those cicada things butContinue Reading

Sometimes situations interrupt what a person has planned. Repercussions are felt in several areas, like a faceted, imperfect jewel. As Chief Editor of Appalachia Bare, I have planned so many things this year, and, hopefully, they will all work out just fine. But a recent event occurred that put aContinue Reading