“Moments” by Manderley Swain

Sunlight touches my face at dawn
A butterfly lands on my hand
Bees kiss wildflowers on the lawn
Crimson cardinals present their demands
The last glow of sunset reveals a doe and fawn

Fireflies twinkle in dewy evening starlight
Crickets and bullfrogs sing their soulful tune
Moon-eyed owl keeps vigil in darkest night
Witnessing myriad moments of nocturnal bloom
And blackbirds’ sonorous morning flight


Manderley Swain is an artist, blogger, “sewist,” and writer from East Tennessee. In 2020, she was a costume designer with a sewing studio for over 10 years. Now, she lives the best creative life possible on her own terms. Her favorite medium is watercolor, but she dabbles in all sorts of creative pursuits. She is a creative catalyst who loves to inspire and teach others to find their inner artist. Artwork by Manderley and her partner, Zen, can be found on their website: Zenderley. The above poem, “Moments” was originally an invocation for Bridging Service at the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church in Tennessee.


**Featured image by MP, WallpaperUP

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