With Love, West Virginia by Brett Gordon

I spy my love
  along the ridge,
  a silhouette
  in shadows of black.

I stand with my heart
  a breakin’
  ‘fore I fear
  he’s not coming back.

We were to be married
  this autumn
  but the war broke out
  in June.

With brothers at odds
  in the fighting,
  I fear this is no
  Civil tune.

Visions of blood, tears
  and sorrow,
  I fear he isn’t
  so well.

I pray for the wake
  of tomorrow,
  and for my love,
  I cast a spell.

I summon the thing
  that shall not be named.
  He appeared as a stag
  at my door.

With my soul I trade
  so that his will be saved,
  but I’ll not see him
  no more.


Brett Gordon is a writer and poet from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her writing is deeply rooted in and inspired by the folklore and culture of Appalachia. She loves to explore and celebrate the region through her poetry.









  1. Beautiful. Sad, but loving.

  2. Beautiful, love can cause unimaginable pain and suffering. Brett’s articulation of longing for love evokes a time when the region was dealing with so much loss that love seemed to be beyond hope. So eloquently written from an old soul, I look forward to many more works from Brett. Well done!!

  3. Brett,
    So proud of your achievement! I like your style in this poem where you said much with few words!

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