Appalachia Bare is proud to present a new music video titled “East Kentucky Morning” by Julian Wolf. Produced by Berea, Kentucky native Camryn Shaffer and Living Sound Delusions Studios, we hope you enjoy its warm tones and beautiful visuals as much as we did. “East Kentucky Morning” carries a timelessContinue Reading

A few years ago, I put together a four-part series about Appalachians in the silent film era entitled, “Appalachians in Moving Pictures.” Every actor’s story provides an interesting insight into the dawn of motion pictures and a place called Hollywoodland. Enjoy the following story about silent film actress Ethlyne Clair.Continue Reading

Two kinds of hollows exist in the mountains. The first kind is the nice, pleasant, winding road that leads to a lake or park out in the boonies. The second kind is an offshoot from that nice road and it snakes down into a deep, dark holler. I grew upContinue Reading

We’re expanding our horizons at Appalachia Bare and have made our first attempt at video and filming! Join us on a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s abandoned town of Elkmont. You’ll find the view slightly pixelated, a little jumpy in places, and dizzying in spots. We avoidedContinue Reading

From time to time Appalachia Bare will share videos produced by Black in Appalachia. Black in Appalachia is an organization dedicated to preserving and highlighting the stories and contributions of the African-American communities of our region through research, oral histories, document preservation, and exhibition. This is all provided as aContinue Reading

Please enjoy these Honorable Mentions – the very, very last of this series. **BEST enjoyed in landscape view, if you’re on a smartphone. Chester A. Alexander   I found no pictures of Chester Alexander. He was born in Piedmont Alabama, August 7, 1885. Alexander was an ordained minister. He playedContinue Reading

I hope you enjoy this fourth installment of Appalachians in Moving Pictures. My initial hope was to fit all the actors, featured and honorable, in this post. However, the information on these actors far exceeded my expectations. So, I have decided to include a Part IV-B for honorable mentions thatContinue Reading

Welcome to the third installment in the series “Appalachians in Moving Pictures,” a post about silent film actors born in Appalachia. The first and second parts focused only on actresses, while the third and fourth sections are designated for actors. You’ll notice Part III and Part IV are a littleContinue Reading

Welcome to the second part of “Appalachians in Moving Pictures.” This endeavor is a four-part series in our “Resurrecting Forgotten Artists” section. The first and second, as you have seen, are devoted to silent film actresses who were born in Appalachia. I chose the term, actress, because the denotation wasContinue Reading

I love classic movies. Absolutely love them. They hold some kind of spell over me – a longing, perhaps, for grace or glamour or social etiquette or fashion. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a stunning Grace Kelly in Rear Window or gander at a suave Cary Grant inContinue Reading