Happy Holidays and Winter Break

Image of my backyard “honeysuckle tree,” photog. Delonda Anderson

This year has been a whopper of a ride. We’ve experienced great losses, had good times, made beautiful memories, and enjoyed strange weather. We have lived our lives forward, with, perhaps, a different but better view of our fellow Appalachians, our friendly critters, our lush region, our close-knit communities, and our beautiful selves.

Though we’ve had some interruptions here and there, I hope Appalachia Bare has been a venue for creative entertainment, information about our region, or a history of our people. I hope our content has pleased you and kept you coming back for more.

1952 Milligan College students snowball fight, Carter County, TN – Digital Library of Appalachia

This time of year, Appalachia Bare takes our annual winter hiatus. This year, our winter break will be from December 23 to January 11. We take this time to regroup and rejuvenate, explore and plan new content, and update and maintain the website so it will be spic, span, and spiffy for you: the reader, the subscriber, the submitter; and for all Appalachia’s creative persons just waiting around the corner, peeking just a little, deciding the right time to share their talents with us all.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse our magazine. Poke around and take a gander (as my father used to say). Below, you will find the names of our staff. Five of our least viewed articles are attached underneath our names, respectively. They need some love and attention. Click and read them at your leisure.

Lastly, we are so grateful for you all. We look forward to the coming year and your continued support. Have a safe, happy, healthy holiday season.


Delonda Anderson, Chief Editor
  1. Interview with author David Madden: Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Tea Cupboard
  3. Soaring Down in Maiden’s Blush
  4. Eating Appalachia
  5. Embraced
Edward Francisco, Associate Editor
  1. Betty Brewer
  2. Freak Show: Confessions of a Modern Southerner
  3. Dickering
  4. On Reading James Agee to My Students on Highland Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee (For Robert Coles)
  5. Sequoyah
Tom Anderson, Admin
  1. 8th of August: Tennessee’s Celebration of Emancipation
  2. Sarah Louise – Earth Bow
  3. Maryville College
  4. Picnic, Moonside by Emmalee Hunnicutt
  5. Kin Takahashi – A Mission of Service
Grant Mincy, Science and Environmental Scholar
  1. Seeds
  2. Resiliency – Part II
  3. Nantahallah: Part 1 and Part 2
  4. Rhapsody: Part 1 and Part 2
  5. Summer Solstice: Part 2


**Featured image: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

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  1. An excellent year for AppalachiaBare! Thank you all and please keep up the good work and cultural preservation into a promising 2023!

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