When my brother and I were little, we raced to sit in front of the TV to watch cartoons on our three channels. (Five, depending on how you rotated the outdoor antenna.) Whoever sat down first could watch whatever cartoons he or she wanted. This “plan” was doomed, however, whenContinue Reading

These days leading up to summer are so gorgeous and bright; and they seem to beckon us to forget the sickness that pervades the world. But we are warriors in more ways than one. We must continue to arm ourselves against this sickness. We must continue to wear masks andContinue Reading

  The causes of World War I are arguable, but its devastating physical and psychological effects on Europe’s home front and battlefield are not debatable.  Before the war, no one could have foretold that the events which stemmed mainly from rivalries and alliances1)Sherman, Denis, and Joyce Salisbury. The West inContinue Reading

Please enjoy these Honorable Mentions – the very, very last of this series. **BEST enjoyed in landscape view, if you’re on a smartphone. Chester A. Alexander   I found no pictures of Chester Alexander. He was born in Piedmont Alabama, August 7, 1885. Alexander was an ordained minister. He playedContinue Reading

I hope you enjoy this fourth installment of Appalachians in Moving Pictures. My initial hope was to fit all the actors, featured and honorable, in this post. However, the information on these actors far exceeded my expectations. So, I have decided to include a Part IV-B for honorable mentions thatContinue Reading

Welcome to the third installment in the series “Appalachians in Moving Pictures,” a post about silent film actors born in Appalachia. The first and second parts focused only on actresses, while the third and fourth sections are designated for actors. You’ll notice Part III and Part IV are a littleContinue Reading

While my husband and I have been social distancing and staying home, we’ve completed projects we intended to do, but we either had no time or were too exhausted to do them. I imagine many others are doing the same as we are. I’m sharing our projects with you. HowContinue Reading

Welcome to the second part of “Appalachians in Moving Pictures.” This endeavor is a four-part series in our “Resurrecting Forgotten Artists” section. The first and second, as you have seen, are devoted to silent film actresses who were born in Appalachia. I chose the term, actress, because the denotation wasContinue Reading

I love classic movies. Absolutely love them. They hold some kind of spell over me – a longing, perhaps, for grace or glamour or social etiquette or fashion. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a stunning Grace Kelly in Rear Window or gander at a suave Cary Grant inContinue Reading

I just wanted to send well wishes to everyone during this health crisis. These are certainly extraordinary times. As a nation, we are forced to slow down when we’re so used to going, going, going, moving, moving, moving. Some of us have rarely, if ever, slowed down and the conceptContinue Reading