In 1935, East Tennessee mountain man William Henry Hawkins grabbed his shotgun and marched with purpose out of his humble, box-frame home, where he lived with his wife and young daughter. He then drove to Norris Dam as a one man show of force to stop the Tennessee Valley AuthorityContinue Reading

Appalachia Bare recently published Stephen Billias’s poem, “Little Margaret,” a thoughtful and earnest homage to his friend, James Elton “Jim” McMillan, Jr., who was, among many talents, a musician. Stephen’s poem “Little Margaret” is the namesake of one of Jim’s songs. Stephen generously passed along a recording of Jim andContinue Reading

Earlier this month, Appalachia Bare took ourselves a little trip to Chattanooga and visited the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM). While there, we took a 65-minute train ride on the Local1)Why the term “local”? These short trains were a “lifeline to small towns along the railroad.” They often delivered mail,Continue Reading

Danita Dodson’s new book of poetry is called The Medicine Woods. If you recall, our Associate Editor, Edward Francisco reviewed her last book, Trailing the Azimuth. Her poems speak so easily to my heart, so I wanted to write the review for her new collection. In The Medicine Woods, herContinue Reading

Trigger Warning: The following article contains details about murder and gun violence. We’re there once again, on that early afternoon on April 9, 1922, watching from behind wide, untouched trees, sitting among wildflowers, wild life, and wild ginger. Deputy Sheriff Byrd Daugherty’s side came upon Daniel Britton Daugherty’s side onContinue Reading

Some of our readers may remember receiving valentine cards in elementary school. February 14th was a highly anticipated day for school children. We had parties back then with candy and cake and punch. My mother took my brother and I shopping for valentines. We could choose any set we wantedContinue Reading

Since our Capturing Appalachia Photography Contest is now closed, Appalachia Bare thought it would be interesting to feature a gallery of photographers and cameras from bygone days. These images are not Appalachia-specific. Instead, they feature photographers throughout the United States and the world. These types of cameras, however, were usedContinue Reading

Hello Reader. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. We have all filed away 2022 and welcomed a bright new 2023. For this new year, Appalachia Bare plans to continue our endeavor to present quality content, to be a venue for Appalachian creativity, and to offer works about AppalachianContinue Reading

Carolyn Merchant states in her article, “Shades of Darkness: Race and Environmental History” that “an environmental history of race” should be researched in order to explore environmental racism itself. Her article presents a dichotomous exploitation of minorities in lower-class and minority neighborhoods against pristine, pollution-controlled upper class white neighborhoods. SheContinue Reading

This year has been a whopper of a ride. We’ve experienced great losses, had good times, made beautiful memories, and enjoyed strange weather. We have lived our lives forward, with, perhaps, a different but better view of our fellow Appalachians, our friendly critters, our lush region, our close-knit communities, andContinue Reading