What I’ve Been Doing Since . . .

While my husband and I have been social distancing and staying home, we’ve completed projects we intended to do, but we either had no time or were too exhausted to do them. I imagine many others are doing the same as we are. I’m sharing our projects with you. How about sharing yours with Appalachia Bare? Share them in the comments. Or, submit writings and/or photos to us and we’ll publish them in a future post! Doing so would be a wonderful way to record this point in time for future generations. Email to:






**Photos by Delonda Anderson


Flowers (something pretty from our yard)

**Photos by Delonda Anderson



**Photos by Delonda Anderson



**Photos by Delonda Anderson


What we’ve been watching:


Podcasts we’ve been listening to:

Stories:  A History of Appalachia

True Crime Historian

Nature Guys

The History of China

Baseball Radio Archive

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  1. Here it is July and not sure how I missed this, but really enjoyed seeing all the photos!

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