Poor Boy’s Gospel My dad died before I could kill him. I always imagined reading back his sins like Saint Peter. I’d reprimand his absence, scorn the idle time he’d wasted, and end with the two kids he’d failed the most. But by then, the man dead to me hadContinue Reading

The George Scarbrough Poetry Contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted such outstanding poetry! We certainly have challenging decisions ahead. Winners will be announced on the evening of Thursday, December 9. Good Luck and Best Wishes!   ** Featured image by Voltamax on PixabayContinue Reading

Appalachian writers breathe words. Like meditation. They might gaze out the window, past that liminal space, and describe simple raindrops, circular, solid, and sparkling atop thick green leaves after a summer shower, each one a separate little universe, a micro-microcosm disturbed, perhaps, by a lone redbird landing abruptly on aContinue Reading

Appalachia Bare is proud to announce the winners of our George Washington Harris Short Story Contest. We want to thank all those who entered the contest. We found it a joy to read everyone’s work. Each exceptional story is woven so admirably and our decisions were reached with painstaking considerations.Continue Reading

The George Washington Harris Short Story Contest is currently closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest. Please follow Appalachia Bare for more contest information in the future. We accept submissions year-round. Appalachian artists and writers have a unique perspective on life. Much of our inspiration derives from family andContinue Reading