“sunrise” by Emily Brown

the blues of sky and peak birthed a band of red-gold flame

a life burst forth with such a cry that acknowledgement was compulsory

a force made known to every branch and stone and dark place

and it cradled into the hearts of all who viewed it


Emily Brown led the Outdoor Adventure Club during her time at Auburn University, inviting other students to join her in exploring the rugged majesty of Appalachia. A romantic with a heart for adventure, she fulfilled her life-long dream of living near the mountains of Knoxville, Tennessee. Now, she shares her love by writing about the mountains for a living, but poetry is by far her favorite. The magic of the mountains and her bleeding heart continue to inspire her work.


**Featured image:  Smoky Mountains, Chimney Tops – Scott Oves, flickr, Creative Commons

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  1. I don’t know poetry, but I know that sunrise.
    Thanks for taking me back there.

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