Appalachia Bare Exclusive Interview Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED)

Founded in 2009, SEEED, or Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development, is an exceptionally designed non-profit with a mission to help young people find a way out of poverty. Their story is so unique because SEEED is an entirely local grown organization, cultivated from concerns about housing costs, high utility bills, and gun violence. These issues, paired with the fact that few real opportunities exist out there for youths to succeed and excel, prompted SEEED to start digging for a solution.

Mission Statement:
“SEEED provides pathways out of poverty for young adults through career readiness training, environmental education, and community engagement.”


Their story began by simply listening. A group of young community members knocked on doors and asked residents about their concerns and needs. As a result, a whole host of programs, including Career Readiness, an Edible Forest, and Green Construction, were sown in the community. SEEED hosts free energy workshops and continues listening to the public through their original initiative of Community Engagement. They embrace all young people in the community, encourage them to reach successful goals, and to support themselves environmentally and sustainably.

“Nothing stops a bullet like a job.” — Father Gregory Boyle

Appalachia Bare had the great honor to interview SEEED’s Executive Director and Founder, Stan Johnson, as well as the organization’s Career Readiness Program Specialist, Dorothy Cantrell, to discuss SEEED—what motivated the idea, what programs they have to offer, and what the future holds. Please enjoy the following interviews.



Dorothy Cantrell
Career Readiness Program Specialist

“There’s more to life than just giving up.”



Stan Johnson
Executive Director and Founder
Interview, Part 1

“Plant a seed and it shall grow.”


Stan Johnson
Interview, Part 2

“Nothing stops poverty like home ownership.”



**Featured image from SEEED website


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