No Color Within the Lines – A Jim Clark Gallery

Sometimes a color photograph depicts the scene but misses the story.  The main subject may be lost in an array of clashing colors, or bright hues might obscure a subtle message or mask the somber tone of a setting. These photos were processed with templates I customized from an Adobe Lightroom plug-in called Analog Efex Pro. With this plug-in, a photographer can (supposedly):  ” Recreate photos from a golden age of classic cameras, lenses and film effects.”  All of the images started as full color photos that didn’t quite depict the mood of the moment.  I leave it to the viewer to decide if the templates did their job.  Most of these pictures were taken in Southern Appalachia, but I’ve included a few from  elsewhere for contrast.



  1. Nice work! I thought the treatment worked especially well in the Cheoah Dam picture — it helps lend a brooding sense of peril, like “Y’know, maybe it’s not such a good idea to be floating into Mordor.”

  2. Thank you Jud. I like your clever take on the Cheoah Dam photo, as it is my favorite of the group, and is a good description of the mood I hoped to display.

  3. I really like these photos, Jim — very evocative. My favorite is “4 Generations of Fun.” The two-dimensional framing provided by the door and windows helps organize the three-dimensional space inside the shop. The young man’s expression seals the deal.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Trent. The “4 Generations of Fun,” is one of those street photos where I lucked into a “story.” The man’s look in contrast to the “4 Generations of Fun,” was a very fortunate twist.

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