Going Medieval in Appalachia – A Trent Eades Gallery


Trent Eades is a journalist, photographer, and educator based in Knoxville, Tennessee; his interests include Greek philosophy, medieval and Renaissance literature, and science fiction. He’s never enjoyed long walks in the rain but is adept at short sprints through heavy downpours. When he’s not teaching writing and literature to students who may or may not care about writing and literature, he can be found prowling the local environs looking for stories to photograph or chronicle.


  1. Fantastic photos – really impressed by your skill at capturing action shots. Your attention to the framing and adjustments, like blurring the background, to make the main subject(s) pop out turn these photos into fine art. Lots of “your are there” drama!

    1. Thanks, that’s very kind of you!

  2. Trent is a remarkable photographer but each of these is just stunning. Most look better than most movie posters! Amazing!

    Janet Hardin

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