Flowers with “Friends”

We’re nearing the end of 2023’s Dog Days of summer. I hope our readers have weathered these days well. Some may have done just that. When my oldest son was little, he used to say he loved hot days so much, he wanted to be a lizard sunning on a rock in the desert. Others, myself included, look forward to those cool, crisp autumn days.

I’ve collected images of various beautiful things for our readers along my 2023 travels. You’ll find some friends interspersed among or integrated within the images. I hope you find joy in these little photographs I took.


Gabriel’s Garden
(My yard)


East Tennessee
(My house)


North Carolina
(Brother’s yard and farm)


Seven Islands State Birding Park
(Kodak, TN)


Cumberland Gap



  1. I loved Flowers with “Friends!” Almost made me forget I live in Florida … almost. I especially loved the animals, particularly the comments from those who wanted to make sure we understood THEIR perspective. And, yes, this photographic essay brought much joy!

  2. I could not say it any better than Susan! Except, I live in Kansas!

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