Trent Eades Gallery

Trent Eades is a journalist, photographer, and educator based in Knoxville, Tennessee. His interests include Greek Philosophy, Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and Science Fiction. He’s never enjoyed long walks in the rain but is adept at short sprints through heavy downpours. When he’s not teaching writing and literature to students, who may or may not care about writing and literature, he can be found prowling the local environs looking for stories to photograph or chronicle.



  1. Beautiful photographs!!

  2. These photographs are fantastic. Their dynamic range, both in content and technique, are amazing. I am especially impressed by the actions shots. “Poetry in Motion,’ with moving subjects, multi-levels of light and action in the foreground and background, is a real technical and creative masterpiece. If you ever get a notion to teach some classes or tutor an amateur, I’d sure like to sign up!

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to follow Trent on his journey of becoming one of the best photographers in Knoxville/East TN. He was kind enough, early on, to send me some pics that are now displayed in my home and a few of my friends’ homes as well. His technique and style are exceptional, as witnessed in the photographs above. I especially look forward to his “Competitor” pics from the annual (hopefully!) USA Cycling National Championship here in KTown.

    P.S. He’s also one of the nicest humans you’ll ever meet.

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