“Really Loud and Partially Deaf” dedicated to my Husband, Army Veteran Mark Batton My wife brings up   a basket of laundry.   She doesn’t say anything.   She doesn’t need to. I know she despises folding laundry.   It’s a load of towels.   I grab one.   Warm and fresh-smelling. I fold it inContinue Reading

I have a long and complex personal history with Role-playing Games (RPGs). I started playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) in high school with a boyfriend. During the time I was dating him, he used elements of gaming as one of several methods of manipulation and psychological abuse. Further in, theContinue Reading

I cannot watch war movies. In my mind’s eye, I interpose my father trudging through rice paddies in Vietnam, trudging through tall grass so thick, it slices the skin. I see his small frame – just a boy – whose uniform in later years fit his 13-year-old grandson. I seeContinue Reading