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I am an artist who enjoys working in acrylics, ink and pen, colored pencils, and mixed mediums. Some paintings take 30 to 40 hours to complete, others — painted in an Uber-Expressionistic style — less than an hour.

The subject and mood dictate the speed, emotion, color palette, and layers. I have only recently begun to paint in the liturgical arena, a practice I find spiritually as well as creatively fulfilling (though I often wonder if one can separate the two as they are intrinsic to each other).

I regularly practiced and exhibited until my late youth and had pieces exhibited in multiple shows in North Carolina and South Carolina, winning blue ribbons, being exhibited at the state fair and one of my paintings is even buried in a time capsule!

When I was 15, my parents pulled me out of art classes to focus on subjects they deemed, “more practical.”

I, more or less, stopped painting for over 30 years before finding great therapy and a deep solace by returning to painting a few years ago. At the urging of friends and colleagues, I mined the approach a bit closer and recently opened an online art gallery. I also have reproductions of my work hanging in homes throughout Georgia.

I generally paint in my study with a glass of wine, but want to explore plein air painting this winter, when, to paraphrase Wyeth, “you can see the bones of the earth.”

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Mark Wallace Maguire Gallery


Mark Wallace Maguire is also the author of eight books of fiction and nonfiction, including the Kindle best-seller, Alexandria Rising. He is also an award-winning journalist, columnist, and poet whose work has appeared in over 60 magazines, news sites, and literary reviews. He has received more than 20 awards from organizations including The Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists.

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  1. I to love acrylic painting I have PTSD from Vietnam and have a lot of nightmares so I get up all hours at night paint until I have shaken off the nervous tensions I have to try and fall back asleep but most times doesn’t work except to paint but I try to focus on something not war torn don’t know if it makes sense to professional but I don’t want to see war torn areas in my work but you do good work I’ve followed Plein Aire painting and wish I was able to follow something like that thanks for a look at your artwork

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