John Allyn Miller Gallery



John Allyn Miller (1947 – 2007) lived in the Asheville area from the 1970s until 2002. He was an outdoorsman who loved being in nature, wandering backroads, trails, and streams in hopes of capturing the iconic beauty and images of Appalachia.


John taught photography at Asheville-Biltmore Technical School. He worked for and with other professional photographers and had his own photography studio on Wall Street in Asheville from the 1980s to 2002.



  1. Love these! Once while hiking in my early twenties we chanced upon a moonshine still and a house that looked like it had been built from many, many scraps of wood. No one was home, and we did not linger, but I would have loved to take a hundred pictures or so.

  2. John Allyn Miller’s intimate relationship with the region shines in these photos – like traveling the backroads with an old timer.

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