“Homecoming” by Isabella Back

The cold creek water runs over my skin,
              baptismal in nature,
it bends aroun’ the mountainside,
              banks muddy, water reflecting
the darters’ scales and hogmollies,
              creek chubs and softshells.
The muskrat makes his home in the underbank;
              The kingfisher stalks outside.
I hear the bullfrog croak, song of the virginal spring
              reborn unto the earth,
a sweet homily – urging, pulling at my spirit
Sweet Homecoming!

– Homecoming


Isabella is a third-year student at Georgetown College, studying History and Creative Writing. She hopes to attend the University of Kentucky Law School and come back to serve Appalachia and its people. Isabella spends her summers in her hometown of Whitesburg, Kentucky, writing, painting and raising heritage chicken breeds. You can also read her short story, “The Union”, here on Appalachia Bare!

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