Appalachia Bare – A Call for Submissions

You have a story to tell.

We all do.

Ours is an oral history – told by great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, etc. Consider for a moment how many of our people’s stories will never be known because they were never written or captured in time. Instead, they are buried deep inside the earth with our ancestors.

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Some of our narratives are beautiful. Some of our narratives are unpleasant.

Whatever the tale – good or bad – our stories deserve to be told, deserve to be recorded, deserve to be read and heard. Each story is a thread that embroiders our region’s history. When a story is revealed, it adds to that beautiful embroidery and covers us all. And we are better for it.

Appalachia Bare provides a venue for our narratives. And we encourage everyone from this region to share and record your stories – for later generations, certainly, but most of all because no one can tell your story but you.

And stories come in various forms: writing, music, photography, art, dance, film. So, let us be a place for you to tell your story. Please spread the word. Tell others about us. We’ll all work together to present a true Appalachia.

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For more information, visit our submissions page, or email us at

Appalachia Bare reserves the right to reject hate speech and gratuitous violence.

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