2022 USA Bicycle Championships — A Trent Eades Gallery

2022 USA Bicycle Championships

Knoxville, Tennessee – June 24 and June 26

“Criteriums, also known as crits, are cycling races that require a blend of fitness and strategy. Racing laps on a closed circuit, criteriums courses are typically about a mile long and feature two to six turns while avoiding any significant climbs. These races are known for their intensity, high speed, and unpredictable finishes. For beginners, crits last about thirty-minutes, while pro races can last well over an hour.”

Sean Hurley, “Criterium Racing” — TRAINERROAD



Men’s Criterium


Women’s Criterium



Pro Road

Women’s Pro Road
Men’s Pro Road

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  1. Great shots. as always, Trent. I admire your mastery of sports/action photography, a very difficult field that requires not only technical skills, but the instinct to be in the right place at the right time and the artistry to put it all together in an action packed composition.

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