2021 Pro Road National Championships – A Trent Eades Gallery


“As a rider, you have to have a certain set of skills in order to navigate a criterium. You must have the ability to corner rapidly and sharply, with as little touching of your fellow riders as possible, holding your line on the road. In order to claim the best position, you have to possess pristine ability to decide to sprint at perfectly timed opportunities in order to make a successful attack.” — USACrits.com


Women’s Criterium


Men’s Criterium



Men’s Pro Road


Women’s Pro Road



  1. Excellent sports photos. I really like the way you focus on the main subject and use motion blur to convey added drama to the action. Having tried capturing a few photos at bike races, I can appreciate the work it took to find the right spots, dial in the appropriate camera settings and put it all together into these technically and artistically accomplished images.

    1. Thank you — that is very kind. Fortunately this old, fat guy doesn’t care what people think when he lies on the ground to get a nice angle 😉

      I love attempting pan shots because I don’t see them that often. They have a very low percentage of success, but every now and then you get lucky.

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