Today a joke sits heavy on my shoulders, The room running wild with laughter. The punchline? The sound of my voice Or, rather, a cheap imitation– What they think we sound like. Laughter scrapes my skin like Too-tight wool in the summer heat. It’s said that it’s a hell ofContinue Reading

In a break from our usual practice, we’re releasing the answers to the quiz now, so you can check and see how you did. We will publish an article discussing the etymology and cultural context of our language next week. This will give us the opportunity to provide a thorough,Continue Reading

Welcome to our fifth quiz in Appalachian English. I always try to write some little introduction before the quiz with a little tidbit of information about our language. Here goes . . . The way Appalachian dialect is portrayed in media, literature, and television often discriminates against and inhibits us.Continue Reading