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"Calm weather in June sets corn in tune." - Old Farmer's Almanac . . . June is Pride Month . . . June 6th is the 80th anniversary of D-Day . . . June 8th is National Best Friends Day . . . June 14th is Flag Day . . . June 16th is Father's Day . . . June 19th is Juneteenth . . . June 27th is Hellen Keller Day . . .

“Descendants of the early mountain settlers have developed an admiration for their ancestors and an appreciation for their self-sufficient economy. By collecting and recording mountain folklore and traditions, they are reconstructing the past and preserving their heritage for future generations.” – The Southern Appalachian Heritage by Herma Cate, Clyde Ussery, Randy Armstrong 

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It looked like all his worldly possessions were in the cart. He was holding up a cardboard sign that said, “Please Help.” Next to him, sitting at his feet, was a small brown dog.

Like everyone else, I passed him by, but, as I drove away, it began to bother me. I’m not wealthy, but I could certainly . . .

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