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Slow Food

by Diane Ely Binder

The Present Owner

by Edward Francisco
We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving . . . Veterans Day was November 11. Appalachia Bare would like to thank all our veterans for their service to our country . . . November is National American Indian Heritage Month, for more info:

“Elegies are poems dedicated to the dead. The American hillbilly (assuming we can use that word for the white working class) isn’t dead; she is just poor.”

― Anthony Harkins

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“Promises to the World”

Appalachia Bare is proud and honored to feature the Write the World contest winners for fiction and poetry, hosted by East Tennessee’s Pellissippi State Community College. The contest centers on an international-focused theme or topic. The college’s participants were encouraged to reflect upon and write about experiences living or traveling in a country outside the United States. This event was

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